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And Gerard Butler's Date to the Oscars Is...

Oscar presenter Gerard Butler knows better than to come right out and say who he's bringing to the Academy Awards on Sunday.

gerard butler

"I'm not taking a date -- unless I have a serious girlfriend, which probably a lot of people know is very rare," Butler told "Extra" at the Relief for Haiti: Artists for Peace and Justice Benefit Wednesday night. "There are enough rumors about what's going on in my life without sparking another one."

Is Butler ever going to settle down? "Yeah, definitely. I give myself another 25-30 years. Then I think it will be time to settle down. I'm very relaxed about the whole thing."

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Meanwhile, Butler is supporting this very worthwhile charity, which works toward helping Haiti's continuing recovery from the January earthquake.

"Once the immediate tragedy goes out of the way, people forget and then it just becomes another thing. In actual fact, this is just the start. Now is the chance to completely rebuild the infrastructure, a community, a country. What's great about Artists for Peace is they are very much about education -- rebuilding schools."