Candy's Plea to Tori: 'I Want a Relationship with You'

"Extra" caught up with Candy Spelling to talk about her new book "Stories from Candy-Land" -- and during the sitdown, Mrs. Spelling shed new light on her feud with daughter Tori.

candy spelling wants reunion with tori spelling

Since the death of Hollywood super producer Aaron Spelling, his widow Candy and daughter Tori have been involved in one of the oddest Hollywood mother-daughter feuds. Just weeks ago, Candy posted a heartfelt plea to Tori on her website, begging her to "call me, write me, text me... I want a relationship with you and my grandchildren."

Candy opened up to "Extra" about her decision to write an open letter about such a private topic. "Tori mentions my website quite often on her show -- I felt like I had to reach her somehow. She doesn't answer my phone calls. She doesn't answer the emails. She doesn't answer the texts. I was really just making one last plea."

Meanwhile, Tori tells "Extra" a different story regarding the estrangement from Candy, saying, "My mom has not contacted me. And she's welcome to contact me. Privately."

Candy also commented on the media fascination with the Spelling family differences. "This is a fascinating subject -- and what is really going on. I have no idea... I absolutely have tried to reach her. It's not like I can just show up at Tori's house with a plate of cookies at her door... I don't want to discuss things with her on her show, on tape, with a film crew there."

When asked what caused the bad blood, Candy responds, "I really don't know... There's no answer because she's never replied. I have no way of knowing." Spelling admitted that despite rumors stating otherwise, the fight is not about the money Aaron willed to his family. "I would hope not. We certainly were very generous to both our children earlier on. We've always given them everything they've ever wanted. She's never come to me saying she needed money."

Candy says, "I'm just so hoping that someday she'll come around. I certainly would love to make amends with her entire family -- to be a grandma to those darling kids and... for her to maybe have my son in her life would be a very nice thing also."

Tori's shrinking figure has recently made lots of tabloid headlines, but does Candy think her daughter is too thin? "She looks thin to me. I don't know if she's too thin. She's normally very thin and she had babies. I don't know... You know the media blows everything out of proportion. It's hard to tell."

Spelling also dished about her Hollywood home being on the market, but says she hasn't heard anything about rumors that Oprah is an interested buyer! "Not that I've heard of," Candy says.