Gaga's Secret Obsession with Britney!

Pop tart Lady Gaga is burning up the charts with "Just Dance," but the stylish crooner still has an obsession with fellow singin' queen, Britney Spears!

Gaga admits, "I used to go to TRL with my girlfriends after school sometimes just to see Britney's fingernail in the window." Joking, she adds, "She's on tour and she's focused. I'm a terrible influence. Larry Rudolph [Spears' manager] probably has a 'If you see this girl, don't let her in' sign in the office."

Lady penned the song "Quicksand" for Spears -- and confessed that her fave Brit song is the super sexy "Slave 4 U." Gaga says, "I've gotta say 'Slave 4 U' was a moment for everyone. When that b**** came out with that slammin' body and that sweaty video we were all like, 'We can't hate on you.' She ended every pop diva queen's life. It's a good video."

The mysterious singer is always spotted in sunglasses and an outlandish outfit, but she revealed a piece of the puzzle when she answered the question of the origin of her stage name, saying, "It's from the Queen song, Radio Gaga."

Gaga is only 22, but she admits that when the time is right, she'd like to be the fave of QVC! "I sort of have a secret desire that when I turn 55, I want to become a QVC girl and sell domestic vacuums. It's all about the hair flip and the manicure."

Lady also opened up about her often being scantily clad, commenting, "It's the funniest thing because I have such a rap as being this, raunchy, over the top... but I dress quite sophisticated." When asked how she stays warm in her skimpy outfits, she says, "I think about being in bed with a really good looking guy."

The singer's fashion sense has made headlines so often, rumors began circulating that Lady Gaga wanted to try her hand at fashion design. "No, that's a big rumor. Here's the thing. I'm so busy... and I don't want to vomit merchandise all over the fashion world and call it my line... If I were to do it, I'd want to take a minute and a break, and really do it."

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