Tuddy's Blog: 'Temptation is Always around the Corner'


I'm sitting in one of the most amazing and coolest suites I've ever been in (Mario's suite at Hotel Zaza in Dallas). I think this is my last trip until my final weigh-in at the end of the month. Great times, wonderful people and Roman-esque meals (except for mine).

Even though my Freshology is not along for business trips, it's not much of a struggle to find clean, healthly food like grilled chicken breast, grilled fish, steamed veggies, etc. The true test arrives when the steaks with melted gorgonzola, lobster risotto and vintage Italian red wines are placed on the table. Temptation is always around the corner, but the thought of weighing in on national television helps steer me in the right direction. At least when I get back to Los Angeles I'll have the comfort of Freshology to ease the cheat temptations!

Freshology gives me just a taste of the good life, but not enough for regret. My trainer and boy Pena is always blowing up my phone wanting to know what I'm consuming and how much I'm training. He and Lopez are following me like doting parents, making sure I'm putting in at least 2 hours of hard cardio on the road, which I am! I'd be doing it on my own at this point even if they weren't harassing me!

When you start to see the hard work pay off it seems to make you more determined to conquer your goals. I'm thinking back on all the sacrifices I've made throughout this weight loss journey -- including blood, sweat and tears! Yes, I've had a handful of breakdowns. No cameras rolling, just me and Pena face to face. I listened and trusted him, and in the end he was always right. Why would I rob myself of accomplishing what I set out to do?

My wife is also making great strides in her weight loss goal. We booked our tickets to Cabo for our long awaited kinda honeymoon (didn't make it after the wedding due to work obligations), so she is eyeing two-piece bikinis! She looks great how she is, and I love her, but I know she set out to accomplish this for herself and once that woman makes up her mind, that's it! She's going to get it!

Finally, I was able to catch up on some sleep. The 4 to 6 hours a night doesn't really work when you are trying to drop as much weight as I am. But thankfully, I'm back home for the next 2 weeks to focus, train hard and eat right before I hit my final weigh-in on the 31st of this month. No excuses, no exceptions. Training on the road is testing and tempting, lots of ways to stray, however, I can proudly say that so far, so good -- and I'm on my way to a healthy, happy new lifestyle. I'm glad that one shot of vodka has only 80 calories! It helps take the edge off! Sorry, Pena.