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Octomom's Neighbor Goes Ballistic, 911 Called!


Octomom Nadya Suleman makes headlines day after day -- now her neighbor's in on the act!

Earlier this week, paparazzi called 911 after Suleman's neighbor came out of his home and threatened to kill someone while waving a shotgun.

In the 911 tapes obtained by "Extra," the caller says there's "a gentleman touting a shotgun... He drove down the street like a crazy person, screaming and yelling because of the paparazzi." The caller continued, "He said he wanted to kill someone... He stopped the grandfather [Suleman's dad] and yelled a few things at him."

A Whittier Police Lieutenant said the outburst was not specific to anyone, but was probably a reaction to dealing with the recent influx of camera people outside of Suleman's residence.