Kors: Klum is a '10 Plus'


Catwalk queen Heidi Klum was recently dissed by German designer Wolfgang Joop, who called the supermodel "too heavy" -- and Klum's pal Michael Kors is rushing to her defense!

"Listen, I love a curvy girl," Kors tells "Extra" of his "Project Runway" colleague. "I think curvy people make the clothes come alive... Heidi has the body that most women and most guys consider a 10 plus, so I don't know what he's thinking."

The Victoria's Secret angel didn't take Joop's negative comments to heart, telling "Extra", "Everyone is open to their own opinion."

The controversy began after a recent and nearly nude photo of Klum hit the net. Joop described Heidi as "too heavy for the runway," saying that she's nothing more than an "ad girl" with a permanent grin, and facial features too small for her "bulky body." Ouch!

According to fashion guru Tim Gunn, Wolfgang isn't the only German designer going after the bubbly blonde. "Karl Lagerfeld! The two of them!" Gunn exclaims, adding, "If he and Wolfgang Joop really think Heidi's fat, they need to go to an ophthalmologist right away."

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