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Fey Breaks Down the Palin Persona

Tina Fey took a seat on David Letterman's couch Friday to talk about her hit show "30 Rock," and of course, the now famous Sarah Palin impersonation. How does she do it?

Initially, Fey didn't want to come back to "SNL" to play Palin because she doesn't think of herself as an impressionist. She gave in, and started watching videos of the VP wannabe on YouTube. Tina knew she was in trouble when her 3-year-old daughter Alice spotted the resemblance. Fey said, "My kid saw her on TV, on CNN, and she goes, 'That's mommy!'"

The funnygirl doesn't think playing Palin is rocket science. She broke it down for Letterman and the audience, "I sorta look like her and she has a really crazy voice . Not since 'Sling Blade' has there been a voice that anybody can do."

There have been people who say the impersonation of a female politician is sexist, Fey fired back, "Sarah Palin is a tough lady. She kills things. She kills animals." Fey was zip-lipped on whether she will be joining Sarah Palin on the "Saturday Night Live" stage tonight.