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Midler and McDreamy Tease Babs

Star Jones back on "The View" - huh?! Even in the midst of a Star war, Barbara Walters reveals the possibility of Jones returning to the show as a guest host! "I don't know what the situation might be," says Babs in an "Extra" exclusive, "but I could see having Star and Rosie back on [the show.]" Wow!


As the revelations keep coming -- Hollywood's finest are weighing in on the host conflagration! This morning on "GMA," the tables were turned on the interview queen, as she was in the hot seat with Bette Midler and McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey. Bette poked fun at Barbara's newly illuminated sex life, saying, "Barbara, I didn't know you had it in you." Funny woman Midler then jokingly asked, "Did you sleep with my husband?" A good-natured Walters answered, "Listen Bette, I would have if I could have!"

Dempsey also delved into a personal issue -- nicknames! When asked if she had an alias, the Emmy-winner said, "When I was growing up, we all wanted to have masculine names -- in college I was known as Bobby."

Now revealing her extraordinary life to the world in her memoir, "Audition," Barbara says that she's never been in a better place. "I'm in a very happy place in my life and, therefore, I can look back. I hope that people can relate to my struggles."