Nicholson Handles the Truth for Hillary

Hillary Clinton has just a few weeks to try and sew up the Democratic nomination, so she's bringing out the big Hollywood guns -- enter Jack Nicholson! Hollywood’s sunglassed legend appears in a video that’s already burning up YouTube, showing some of his most famous film scenes narrated to support candidate Clinton.

As Col. Nathan Jessep in "A Few Good Men," Jack shouts, "Maybe we as officers have a responsibility to this country to see that the men and women charged with its security are trained professionals." He also appears as The Joker and "The Shining's" Jack Torrance in a montage showing why Hillary should take the White House.

Tonight, Hillary goes for more votes – and laughs – by appearing on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," while Eva Longoria-Parker and Melanie Griffith head to Texas to back the senator on her campaign trail.

Obama’s camp is hot on the star trail too. George Lopez told "Extra" he's a huge supporter of Barack Obama, and that he can't wait to hit the golf course with him. "Wouldn't it be great? I'd cut the grass and then we'd play."

Now, who better than Roseanne Barr to give "Extra" her Super Tuesday take! In Sin City, Ro took on the Obama phenomenon with "Extra" in our lounge at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. "I think he's got a heart that inspires people to hope and get involved," she said.

And as Roseanne starts her big comedy gig at the Sahara, "Extra" just had to ask about Hillary's comic timing on "SNL" this weekend. "I thought it was cool! I thought it was really funny."