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Britney Finally Gets Help for 'Mental Issues'

Britney Spears has finally decided to seek help.

In what could be a turning point in her custody battle, her "manager" Sam Lufti called Barbara Walters on "The View" this morning and said Brit is getting treatment for "mental issues which are treatable."

Barbara reported that Brit has been having trouble sleeping and was suffering from "mood swings," but that she's finally talking to her estranged mom, Lynne, again.

X17online.com reported that Brit visited a psychiatrist on Friday afternoon.

Brit, 26, has reportedly been ordered by the judge in her custody case to seek help, or else. Her family is reportedly trying to get Brit medical attention for what could be bipolar disorder, but Brit has resisted any form of treatment.

After Friday's session, Brit apparently decided she needed a little retail therapy - at Hustler. The starlet was snapped looking at adult magazines and dancing in the aisles.