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Is Brit Shopping for a New Agent?

Oops, she did it again! Britney Spears gave photogs a free peep show from her dressing room at a Beverly Hills boutique yesterday.

The show continued as Brit wiggled her butt for cameras as she shopped all day with her assistant Allie.

But is Britney shopping for a new agent?

Maybe! Our spy witnesses told us the pop star made a pit stop at mega-agency CAA.

Now courthouse sources are telling “Extra” that Britney’s battle with her mom just took a major turn for the worse!

Even though it looked like they had made up last week, sources say Britney is going to file a restraining order against her mom Lynne to keep her away from the kids.

And it’s getting nasty…paparazzi news agency X17 suggests that Lynne is abusing painkillers.

Brit’s attorneys aren’t commenting.

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