Felicity Huffman on Working with Lohan: 'I Think She's Fantastic'

From “Desperate Housewife” to moving back in with mom, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Felicity Huffman stopped by “Extra” this morning to dish on all things “Georgia Rule.”

Felicity’s new movie was made famous months ago when the studio sent a letter to Felicity’s co-star, Lindsay Lohan, reprimanding her for her behavior.

“For me, something that gets in the way of the work is a problem,” Huffman said. “But I never experienced that with Lindsay. When she came on set she's ready to work. She's incredibly present, very talented, really worked hard. So I loved working with her; I think she's fantastic.”

Those same feeling extended to the legendary Jane Fonda, who plays Felicity’s mom.

“I came in the room, and really all I could do was, ‘Jane Fonda, Jane Fonda,’” Huffman recalled. “Someone would ask me a question, and all I could do was, ‘Jane Fonda, Jane Fonda.’”

The two-time Oscar winner was also smitten with Felicity, actually breaking up when we talked with her about “Georgia Rule.”

“She comes from this world, it reminds me of my dad,” Fonda said. “She's a trooper, the way my dad was a trooper. Every scene with her was just so rich.”

“She's been in the business forever,” Felicity added. “She has two Academy Awards, and yet she’s so open and so wants to get it right. We’d finish something and she’d go, ‘What do you think?’ And I’d go, ‘What do I think? What are you asking me for?’”

“Georgia Rule hits theaters May 11th.