Why Rachel Lindsay is Team Barb After Peter Weber’s Wild 'Bachelor' Finale

Why Rachel Lindsay is Team Barb After Peter Weber’s Wild 'Bachelor' Finale

Former “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay was with "Extra's"Billy Bush the morning after the finale of the "Bachelor" finale.

The season ended with Peter Weber breaking things off with Hannah Ann, only to pursue Madison… much to his family’s disappointment.

Rachel was at the live show, and Billy asked what happened after the cameras stopped rolling, “This is what I know: Barb and Pete Sr. went home, Madison was upset. I do know that she was upset at the exchange that happened on live TV.”

Lindsay shared, “It was like we were at their dinner table watching a family argue, and nobody wants to see that on live TV.”

Billy’s take? “I thought it was fantastic,” he said, adding, “If there's not that much roadkill... there has to be.”

Pete’s mom made it clear she does not think that the relationship between her son and Madison will last.

Billy commented, “I think Barb got a little over her skis.”

Rachel replied, “Her delivery was wrong, but her message was not wrong and Pete Sr. said it. They are privy to more information than we know. I'm privy to more information than the audience knows, and there's some things that are unsettling to them when it comes to the relationship with Peter and Madison, and Barb couldn't keep quiet about it, as we all saw.”

Billy asked if Barb was virgin shaming Madison? “No… She said their lifestyles were different, their values were different, it just wouldn’t work in real life. It works in the ‘Bachelor’ bubble… Madison said, ‘I don’t love your son, I will not accept a proposal,’ and she didn’t even want to meet the family.”

Billy thought Madison was the only one speaking what the rest of us know is reality. "A two-month period… is not usually the amount of ramp-up time… I think she is saying, 'Give me some time.'"

Why did Madison came on the show? Rachel's guess is “the experience, followers or ‘The Bachelorette.’”

She went on, “It doesn’t make any sense. You come on the show because you have these morals and these values and you stay true to them. That’s a beautiful thing, so you self-eliminate, you go home because Peter isn’t the man that you want. That type of man never is on ‘The Bachelor’… So Peter decides he wants to spend his life with another woman… then dumps her... and you take him back after that? It doesn’t add up.”

Rachel added, “The only thing that makes sense is you want the TV time… and to top it all off, she has already hired an agent.”

She shared her prediction for Peter and Madison, saying, “I don’t think they have defined their relationship… It’s doomed.”