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Sterling K. Brown Dishes on ‘Mrs. Maisel’: ‘I Cannot Wait for Everyone to See It’

Sterling K. Brown Dishes on ‘Mrs. Maisel’: ‘I Cannot Wait for Everyone to See It’

Sterling K. Brown and his wife Ryan Bathe were with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh and Adam Glassman at the Emmys. Sterling, nominated for his role on “This Is Us,” dished on his new role on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."

“I’m black. It’s really cool, trying to add a little color to ‘Maisel,'" he said. "When I get on there, it’s really black, it’s really, really fun… still Amy [Sherman-Palladino] and Dan [Sherman-Palladino]’s show. They are amazing. They write these nine-, ten-page scenes and they make you spit them out in like five minutes and it’s all in one take. It’s the closest thing to live theater that a theater junkie can get into. It was a blast. I cannot wait for everyone to see it.” He also revealed he’s in “a few” episodes.

Brown played it cool regarding his nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for “This Is Us,” saying of a prepared speech, “I have some thoughts if it comes. I don’t anticipate having to use it.”

Ryan said, “Sterling is a fan. He’s a fan of television, he is a fan of good acting… He gets lost in other people’s performances.”

The couple is obsessed with “Game of Thrones.” Ryan said, “That was a moment in our house, especially the first episode, we got to watch it, put the kids to bed.”

Bathe said, “I think they are going to clean up,” and Sterling recalled, “At the Creative Arts [Emmys], they did incredibly well.”

Sterling pointed out, “We’ve got to find a new show," so Ryan told him, “Find a new show, man!"

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