Will They Be Back? ‘American Idol’ Judges Talk Next Season

Will They Be Back? ‘American Idol’ Judges Talk Next Season

“American Idol” went out with a bang Sunday night.

All three judges — Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan — took to the stage to perform before Laine Hardy was crowned the winner.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh was with the judges after the show asking them the big question: Will they be back for another season?

Earlier in the day, Katy posted a picture saying she was crying and that she was going to miss her "brothers," Lionel and Luke. She explained the message, saying, “I just said I miss them… We get this condensed amount of time together and then we don’t see each other. If we do another season, it is going to be… almost six months.”

So will they be back together? Katy shared, “I hope so.” Lionel added, “We are only a phone call away.” Luke insisted, “We don't see it any other way.”

They also had a little fun with the other Sunday night finale — “Game of Thrones.”

They posted a photo with the message, “Winner is coming.”

Katy joked, “We aren't stupid. We know what's on television. We know what's happening in the world today.”

Luke was ready to watch the series finale after he celebrated “Idol,” saying, “At my hotel, we’re having a ‘Thrones’ slumber party, my nieces my wife.”

Katy said, “I started watching ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 3 and I don’t understand anything.”

Luke praised the show, saying, “Phenomena like ‘Game of Thrones,’ they don’t come along that often, and we had to pony up and compete with them.”