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Kaley Cuoco Dishes on ‘Winter Fairyland’ Honeymoon and End of ‘Big Bang Theory’

Kaley Cuoco Dishes on ‘Winter Fairyland’ Honeymoon and End of ‘Big Bang Theory’

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh and special correspondent Adam Glassman caught up with Kaley Cuoco on the Golden Globes red carpet, where she dished on her belated honeymoon, the end of “Big Bang Theory,” and more.

Cuoco wed Karl Cook in July, and the couple recently took a belated honeymoon to Zermatt, Switzerland.

Kaley gushed, “That was my winter fairyland that I always wanted. I wanted it to be in the snow and Karl made it happen.”

What was her favorite part? “Waking up that first morning. With the jet lag you wake up super early and it was snowing and all the pictures of Zermatt — it is exactly that. You think it is fake, but no, that is what it looked like.”

Cuoco confessed she doesn’t ski or snowboard, and she’s perfectly fine with that. “I just watched people ski. I had a great time. I looked cute in my puffer I had a hot toddy. I didn’t need to ski.”

Kaley is also preparing for the end of “Big Bang Theory.” She told “Extra,” “We are getting toward the end. It is going to be a ball of emotions on that last episode.”

The star also pulled a question from our mystery bowl, and revealed the details of her first kiss!

“It was a tennis player. We were 15, or whatever, at the park behind my house… maybe a peck.”

She jokingly sent him a message via "Extra," saying, “Hey, guy I kissed in the park, I hope life is good to you, man, all good, that was a great kiss, memorable. The park, it was a beautiful day.”

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