Enter to Win! A MyIntent Bracelet

Enter to Win! A MyIntent Bracelet

Studies have shown that successful people have a habit of seeking clarity — asking how they want to improve, what’s most important, and how they can make a difference in the world. Celebrities are successful because they are so intentional, and a MyIntent bracelet is a tool to help remind them of what they really want.

James Corden chose NOW as his daily reminder to stay present; Katie Couric chose FAITH on her necklace because she says, “There’s never been a time when we’ve needed it more"; and Gerard Butler chose PEACE POWER PURPOSE, the mantra for Kids Kick Cancer, a charity he is involved with.

MyIntent bracelets are a powerful tool because they invite you to reflect on what’s most important, and then you have a stylish wearable daily reminder of the one thing you want to be your best self.

You can tap into the same superpower by asking yourself, “What’s My WORD?” Take the time to pause and reflect so you can have clarity on what you want. Is it a reminder to breathe? More patience? Kindness? Compassion? Focus? Family? Balance? What do you need to be your best self? MyIntent also has a deck of Question Cards that are designed to help you find your WORD that you can play in groups or as journal prompts.

This season gift the change you want to see in the world. Your recipients will be wearing their bracelet for months to come and every time they look down on their wrist they will remember you and what you see in them.

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