'The 100' Star Eliza Taylor Dishes on Clarke as a Mom and More

'The 100' Star Eliza Taylor Dishes on Clarke as a Mom and More
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The wait for “The 100” Season 5 is almost over!

When we left off, the story had jumped six years. Clarke had survived Praimfaya and had taken on a maternal role with a young girl named Madi. She hadn’t made contact with her friends in the bunker or in space, but was about to make some new acquaintances as a prison transport ship arrived. caught up with actress Eliza Taylor on the set in Vancouver, where she dished with reporters about what’s in store for Clarke and the others.

Taylor revealed, “It's probably no secret that we will be reunited with both the people underground and the people in space. Yeah, a lot has happened. A lot of people have changed quite dramatically.”

She warned, “A few have new loyalties, a few are the same,” but added, “There’s still going to be that bond and that sense of family. I can’t wait for people to see the actual reuniting of the group!”

Fans will also get to see some key moments from those past six years. Eliza insisted it’s “safe to say” flashbacks will be part of Season 5.

Maybe that will include how she met Maddy. Eliza described the young girl as a “little sidekick who she loves with all her heart, a surrogate daughter type. She's found some sort of peace and happiness, until of course the prison ship comes down.”

What is she like as a mom? “She's a good mom,” Eliza said. “She's stern with her though, because Madi is cheeky, so she does really have to keep her in line and she's a very fierce little thing.”

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Maddy is also influencing how Clarke sees her own mom, Abby. “I think it does help her understand where her mom was coming from on a lot of things that used to grind on her.”

Taylor couldn’t say too much about the new arrivals on the prison ship, but did share, “They’re not going to be pretty,” describing it as a role reversal. "She’s the grounder who is being hunted.”

“The 100” Season 5 premieres on The CW April 24.