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'This Is Us' Loses One of Its Emmy Nominations

'This Is Us' Loses One of Its Emmy Nominations

THR reports the freshman smash "This Is Us," which had been showered with 11 Emmy nominations, has been stripped of one of the honors.

It turns out the category devoted to contemporary costume design requires that the episode submitted for consideration contain at least 51% of its action taking place in the past 25 years. That requirement is fulfilled by some "This Is Us" episodes, which flashes back and forth in time, but not by the season-finale "Moonshadow" episode... which happens to be the one submitted.

An Academy rep told THR, "Having reviewed the 'Moonshadow' episode of 'This Is Us,' the Awards Committee noted that the entrant unfortunately miscalculated the proportion of scenes that were period versus contemporary. In fact, the episode is predominately period. The entry (and subsequent nomination) are thereby disqualified."

Designer Hala Bahmet is the individual who loses out on the nomination.

An alternate fifth nomineee will be announced Monday, and will join "Big Little Lies," "Empire," "Grace and Frankie" and "Transparent" in the category.

"This Is Us" never stops giving us a reason to cry! Still, 10 nominations its first year out is a major achievement, and having a nomination rescinded has occurred several times before, affecting actors Peter MacNicol, Dennis Miller and Henry Winkler.