Alec Baldwin Talks ‘SNL’ Finale, and Renewing Vows with Wife Hilaria

Alec Baldwin Talks ‘SNL’ Finale, and Renewing Vows with Wife Hilaria

Life is good for Alec Baldwin. The actor is ruling at the box office with “Boss Baby,” killing it on “Saturday Night Live” as President Trump, and loving being a family man with three little ones at home with wife Hilaria Baldwin.

While sitting down with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh to promote his hosting gig with Turner Classic Movies, he revealed that he will be back for the “SNL” finale.

Baldwin is ratings gold for the show, as fans love his impersonation of POTUS. Alec told Renee, “The weekend of the 13th and the 20th, which is the season finale, it’s the last show, May 20th, I’m going to do it then and hopefully go out with a bang.”

After that, he's focusing on family time, saying life is “very good.” “I have this tremendous fresh basket of happiness with my kids who are ultimately thrilling me and exhausting me.”

Alec has a very special summer event planned with wife Hilaria, who he married in 2012. “We’re going to get married again, have a renewal of our vows as they say, in June, our anniversary day.” Smiling, he added, “My wife is under the impression we’re going to do this every 5 years… and in her mind she thinks I have to get her a ring every 5 years.” Renee commented, “Wow! She got a good deal, how did she manage this?” Alec joked, “Well, I’m taking her to court.”

Baldwin is hosting the Turner Classic Movies series “The Essentials.” His buddies Tiny Fey and David Letterman are joining him. “It was interesting to see people’s taste in movies, you learn something about them.”

Renee said, “Letterman’s giving you a good view of what retirement could look like, reckon you’d ever rock a hipster beard like that?” Alec scoffed, “No, never in a million years would I. I’d be so afraid that you’d have to get an exterminator in there eventually… but obviously he’s entitled to do what he wants now.”

Alec hosts “The Essentials” Saturday nights on TCM.