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Viola Davis Gushes Over ‘Perfect' Experience Making 'Fences'

Viola Davis Gushes Over ‘Perfect' Experience Making 'Fences'

“Fences" star Viola Davis stunned in Vivienne Westwood on the SAG Awards red carpet before winning a statue for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role.

Joined by her husband, Viola gushed to “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson over everything having to do with the film, saying, “Perfect experience, perfect locations, perfect actors, perfect director, perfect narrative, perfect writing, perfect role, and usually something is off about a job. This is when everything is in alignment, and I’m just glad people received it."

Her husband, Julius, singled Viola out for some praise of her own, noting, “It was an incredible performance — it was just awesome.”

Viola revealed that when her husband saw "Fences," “He cried.” Julius admitted, “I did cry.”

Davis also had a little fun with Charissa, grabbing a question from the “Extra" Mystery Bowl. The question asked what her “favorite cheat meal” was. The “Fences” actress revealed, “A McDonald’s French fry.” She smiled as she said she wasn’t going to tell her trainer that!