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Is Kim Kardashian Amping Up Her Security with a Body Double?

Is Kim Kardashian Amping Up Her Security with a Body Double?

Reality star Kim Kardashian is reportedly taking extreme measures after her recent robbery in Paris.

Kim has hired more security, but what else is she doing to protect herself? A source told Page Six, "There’s a circus that follows Kim’s every move. Her new security team is recommending she employ a body double to help confuse would-be assailants.” Last month, Kim hired a body double to mislead the paparazzi during her vacation in Mexico.

Kardashian is also looking for a security team to look after her two kids, North and Saint, who were not in Paris at the time of the robbery. The insider said, “The kids being kidnapped is Kim’s biggest fear. She previously didn’t want to shell out for armed security, but now she realizes the family needs 24-hour protection.”

Many have speculated that the heist was an inside job, which has apparently made Kim more paranoid of her inner circle. Another pal revealed, “She doesn’t know who she can trust. Kim’s team is conducting an internal investigation — interviewing assistants and looking through phones for evidence that anyone may have communicated with the thieves. They are slowly ruling people out.”

Kim has been quiet on social media since the scary robbery and has reportedly put a temporary hold on public appearances.

Not only has the heist changed Kim’s views on social media, she apparently sees her life in a different light. Another insider told Us Weekly, "This incident was a completely life-changing event for Kim. She realizes she was living in a bubble doing what she was doing. She loved flaunting her wealth and being so public. She felt safe and never really thought about her vulnerability. Now she knows she was so naïve. Everything has to change going forward."

Kim’s sisters Kourtney, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie have returned to social media after a few days of silence. See their recent posts below!

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