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George Clooney on Amal’s Work Against ISIS

George Clooney on Amal’s Work Against ISIS

Over the weekend, George Clooney and his wife Amal stepped out for the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s 95th-anniversary celebration.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with George, who just celebrated his second wedding anniversary with Amal. As for the relationship lasting this long, he joked, “Yeah, [they] said it wouldn’t happen.”

The actor was beyond proud to discuss Amal's endeavors fighting for people’s rights. Now, she is even taking on ISIS. “What she’s doing is something that’s very important to what she does for a living, and what she does in this case is protect a young girl and a group of people, the Yazidis, who actual genocide has been committed against, and if you don’t take them to court, if you don’t hold them accountable, then what are you doing? You can’t kill them all. It’s gotta be where you stand at the end of all this.”

His wife was not with him for interviews on the red carpet, but the event chair Jim Gianopulos was. George said, “She’s actually back there somewhere,” referring to the residence created for retired actors created by the Motion Picture Television Fun. "This is a beautiful retirement home so we go to walk through the commissary; there’s actors that I worked with 35 years ago that are here now. It’s really fun, so she’s back there hanging with them, drinking a glass of wine.”

George, who was the host of the evening, also revealed how he planned to entertain the crowd, laughing, “Mostly by not singing. I think it's important and it's key. There have been requests for me not to sing.”