'Bachelorette' Engagement! JoJo & Jordan Dish on Wedding Plans, Starting a Family, and More

'Bachelorette' Engagement! JoJo & Jordan Dish on Wedding Plans, Starting a Family, and More

Hours after the world watched Jordan Rodgers propose to JoJo Fletcher on the finale of “The Bachelorette,” the happy couple was with “Extra” in NYC!

JoJo flashed that 3-carat, estimated-$80,000 engagement ring, calling it “perfect” as our producer Francesca Scarpaci revealed she just got ordained. Too bad the twosome wasn’t quite ready to tie the knot. “He keeps trying to do it, and I'm like, ‘Babe, we are planning this!'” JoJo said.

Jordan said, “There are so many people we want to share that moment with. My mom would not be happy. But we are in the works of needing someone [to officiate] the wedding.”

“We will give you a call!” JoJo gushed.

Fletcher did promise that the “I dos” will happen sometime in 2017.

They may not have the wedding details down, but they have started planning their future together. The lovebirds are moving to Dallas, and already know how many kids they want.

“We agreed on three,” said Jordan, while JoJo added, “We’re set on three, but we are going to enjoy our relationship… we are going to get married and then kids will follow after that.”

Their families couldn’t be happier about the upcoming nuptials. JoJo said, “My family loved Jordan. They thought he was an amazing guy. They are so happy that he is the man that I’m with now.”

Jordan added, “What shocked [my family] initially was before we even said hi on that hometown date, they could see how different I was and how in love I was.”

Looking back at the beginning of their relationship, Jordan said, “I knew I was in trouble at first sight… every time we saw each other, it got easier to be with each other. We went in and out of really deep conversations.”

Speaking of the rumors that followed the couple throughout the show, Rodgers said, “All those rumors are so false, but that doesn’t mean they hurt any less. Seeing how those things hurt her, that’s what was hard for me… but it made us stronger.”

JoJo added, “It was the toughest thing that I had to go through… there were so many nights where I just struggled and I just called him and I would be crying and he was there for me. Then we got to the point where we were both like, ‘We know each other, we know our relationship, we are going to focus on us,' and stopped paying attention to it.”

The show is over, but JoJo and Jordan will likely still be in the spotlight. Fletcher said she might do “Dancing with the Stars,” but insisted, “I don't know what's going to happen!”

Jordan added, “Those dance moves I saw the other day… jumping on top of the bed... sign her up!”

JoJo admitted, “I could use a few tips, that's for sure.”

Meanwhile, Jordan had some breaking news about his future plans — he has a new ESPN gig. “I’ll be doing college-analyst work for the SEC [Southeastern Conference] this fall.”

Jordan also opened up about the drama with his famous brother Aaron Rodgers.

“Family issues are not easy anytime they're public... but that's what I signed up for, a TV show, and I made it a point to make sure I was honest with JoJo every step of the way… We are excited to share this with a lot of family and friends.”