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The Chilling Lost ‘Extra’ Interview with O.J. Simpson Talking About Nicole

“Extra” has uncovered a lost interview with O.J. Simpson talking about ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

The interview took place after he was acquitted of her murder.

In the video he reveals he was still mad at Nicole after she was killed.

“I miss her at times,” he said. “I love her, and at times I wake up angry at her because of all of this. There is no doubt that she was running around with a bad group of people near the time of her death.”

O.J. also wanted to ask the police why they never pursued the dealers from whom Nicole was allegedly getting drugs.

He goes on to say, “I’m the batterer and I’m the abuser because I reacted very poorly once,” before adding, “Police talked to every girl I ever dated. They all said, 'That’s not O.J.' They said, 'O.J.’s the nicest guy.'”