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Pauley Perrette’s Scary New Encounter with Another Homeless Man

Pauley Perrette’s Scary New Encounter with Another Homeless Man
“NCIS” actress Pauley Perrette had another terrifying encounter with a homeless man.

While driving home from work, she decided to give a dollar to a homeless man at a stop light on Cahuenga Blvd. in L.A. After taking the dollar, the man allegedly poked his head into Perrette’s car. On Wednesday, she shared on Twitter, "He held my arm and then said, 'What Time [is] it?' He was in my car and I was scared. I looked at my dashboard and first said, 'I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus Christ.' Then said to him, 'It's 5:37.’”

She added, "He held my wrist for a moment, then released and left. I have a tactical knife and a taser in my car next to me, but I thought about that dollar to give him first. Did not arm myself. I am learning. I need to know both sides, be SMART and be safe and give. But all of them at once. I wonder if any other drivers in rush hour traffic saw him grab me through my window and did nothing.”  

A few hours later, Perrette told concerned fans, "Hey, I'm totally ok. It was just incredibly weird. Really weird.”

In another tweet, she wrote, "Been on set since 6am. Wanted to say THANK YOU to all who watched #NCIS last night. We love you!"

The incident took place just two months after Perrette testified against a homeless man, David Merck, who reportedly punched and threatened to kill her on her neighborhood street. Merck was charged with one count of criminal threat and one count of false imprisonment by violence. If convicted, he faces up to four years behind bars.