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David Schwimmer Talks ‘Friends’ Reunion, Explains Why He Didn’t Pick Kardashians’ Brains

David Schwimmer Talks ‘Friends’ Reunion, Explains Why He Didn’t Pick Kardashians’ Brains
Actor David Schwimmer is heading back to TV in FX’s "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson," but everyone is talking about the so called “Friends” reunion that was announced last week.

This past weekend, David spoke to “Extra” special correspondent, host of “Crime Watch Daily,” Matt Doran at the TCA presentation for FX, saying, “I love those guys. It’s great to see them.”  

Schwimmer did clarify that the cast are coming together again to honor the hit show’s director, James Burrows. “It's not a reunion or anything, we're just paying tribute to a man we all love very much, Jimmy Burrows the great director. Not all of us are going to be there, unfortunately.” David was referring to Matthew Perry, who will be in London rehearsing his play "The End of Longing.” Though Perry won't be there, he told Graham Norton that he'll introduce the cast from London. Watch!

In "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson," the 49-year-old is playing famed attorney and husband of Kris Jenner, the late Robert Kardashian. Schwimmer set the record straight on reports that he didn’t want to meet the Kardashian girls. He said, “The children were so young at the time that I just didn't think it was kind of relevant to speak to them. What I need to learn was really from Kris and the research I did.”  

David praised Kris. “I was lucky enough to speak to Kris Jenner for a couple hours, who gave me some insight into his character and his nature. He was a very religious man, a man of great faith — that played a key role in my character.”

After his chat with Kris, he made a total transformation into Kardashian for the role. “I had seen Robert obviously during the trial, 20 years ago, not in person  of course, on television, but I knew very little about him… It was quite an experience when we finally got the hairpiece in and everything to look at myself, that infamous silver streak.”

"American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson" airs Tuesday, February 2.