#Olicity, Diggle's Costume and More! Everything We Know About 'Arrow' Season 4

#Olicity, Diggle's Costume and More! Everything We Know About 'Arrow' Season 4

Oliver Queen — wearing a new set of green duds — and his friends will return to the CW on Wednesday for Season 4 of “Arrow”!

To get ready, we are reliving all of our favorite moments we had with the cast at Comic-Con over the summer. Watch our interviews to get the scoop on Oliver and Felicity’s romance aka #Olicity, Diggle’s new costume and more.

When we asked Stephen Amell about Oliver’s relationship with Felicity next season, he says his character is in “domestic bliss” and “very contented.” He also describes Oliver as an “attentive” boyfriend! Watch:

Emily Bett, who plays Felicity, explained that we finally get to “see them as a couple” and “happy for a bit.” She added that Queen is good at being a boyfriend, better than he realized. Watch:

#Olicity shippers Emily Bett has great news for you about Felicity and Oliver's romantic future.

Posted by Extra on Saturday, July 11, 2015

Caity Lotz claimed that Sara Lance is the original #Olicity shipper!

David Ramsey told us all about Diggle’s amazing new costume, joking that he peed a little when he got it and calling it perfect for “urban tactical warfare.”

John Barrowman talked about Malcolm Merlin’s new role as Ra's al Ghul and dress down Fridays.

Katie Cassidy hints at what’s ahead for Laurel Lance aka the Black Canary!

Catch the premiere Oct. 7 on the CW!