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Inside Josh Duggar's Bible-Based Rehab

Inside Josh Duggar's Bible-Based Rehab
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People magazine is reporting that Josh Duggar, who is having the worst year ever, is holed up in a "no-frills center" that treats sex and porn addiction using Biblical precepts.

Duggar, who was revealed to have molested two of his sisters as a teenager, and who just apologized for his Ashley Madison account, checked himself into Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Illinois, on Tuesday. The organization's treatment of addiction is "based solely on the Bible."

Tony Richardson, the center's director of development, compared the spartan facility to "college, but I don't know if it's as nice as that." He confirmed that the organization buddies up patients in pairs inside rooms that provide shared closets and bunks. Each patient has his own desk, and they are allowed to watch approved TV programs on the weekends, but do not have access to the Internet. Men are expected to work during the day, completing tasks such as cooking or tending to the grounds.

Reformers Unanimous charges $7,500 per month for its treatment.

"When people leave and go home, we have an aftercare plan we encourage for their success and continued victory ... getting involved with a local Bible-believing church and continuing on with their relationship with the Lord," Richardson tells People.

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 So far, Anna Duggar has stood by her man. The Duggar family posted a statement on Wednesday thanking fans for their support while chastising Josh Duggar for his "wrong choices."