Norman Reedus: You Will See a Change in Alliances When ‘Walking Dead’ Returns

The zombie apocalypse is back as “The Walking Dead” returns to TV this Sunday. “Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with actor Norman Reedus at the Sirus XM studios, trying to get as much info as possible on what fans can expect from the new mid-season episodes.

Norman Reedus: You Will See a Change in Alliances When ‘Walking Dead’ Returns
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Norman’s character, the crossbow-wielding Darryl Dixon, lives to fight another day, but who else will? “We’re in a situation we’ve never been in before,” Reedus said. “We left off on the road, the very last thing you saw was me carrying Beth off… All of us are hanging by a thread at this point, what we’re willing to do, and the gift of fight that’s kept us alive thus far is slowly fading and people are starting to turn on each other.”
Reedus went on to say, “You really have to pick your battles, and sometimes those battles are internal with the group and some of those battles are internal within you. There’s a lot of eggshells we’re walking on.”    

He also revealed there will be a lot of changes. “You’ll see a change in environment, a change in attitude, a change in alliances… there’s a desperation that’s a different sort of desperation.”
Fans are desperate to see Daryl stay alive, saying they will riot if he ever gets killed. Norman says he will be right there with them, “I’ll be passing out books of matches… I’ll be the first in line.”
Reedus is having so much fun with his role. “It’s a blast, the cast are super-tight, crew are super-tight, I run around covered with blood, stabbing people in the face, it’s a guy’s dream.”
“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on Sunday at 9 PM.