Kathy Griffin Says She 'Felt Joan's Presence' on 'Fashion Police'

One week into her new gig on the E! show “Fashion Police,” Kathy Griffin says she feels like the late Joan Rivers is there with her.

Kathy Griffin Says She 'Felt Joan's Presence' on 'Fashion Police'
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Speaking with Griffin at NBC’s TCA, Griffin told “Extra,” “I felt Joan’s presence because Melissa was there. They were so entwined in each other’s lives and everybody knows that so I was so glad that she was there. She's the bridge between the Joan era and hopefully what will be an era that we're able to continue.”

Griffin admitted, “I feel the pressure of living up to the legacy of Joan Rivers and the show which is the tent pole and foremost show where you know someone is going to bring the hammer down, and I have taken that hammer or gavel or just hash tag harsh judgment and enjoy running with it.”

The new co-host is also already coming under fire for remarks she made about Amal Clooney’s Golden Globes look.


On the “Fashion Police” Globes special, Kathy took jabs at Amal’s look and white gloves. She also joked with “Extra” about Amal’s hair. “Amal Clooney, I have this odd feeling that we don't run in the same circles. However, if I see her, I'll at least have a hairbrush… not to hit her with, just a light brushing through.”

Kathy made it clear that no celebrity is safe with her in her comedy and on “Fashion Police.” She said, “These celebrities will not stop giving me material… That’s why I do stand up all the time on the road and will continue to because there is such a depth of material. It’s all grist for the mill. Everybody’s on the table, no one is safe and I think that is what Fashion Police demands.”

“Fashion Police” airs Monday 9PM on E!