Burning Questions! What's Next for 'The Walking Dead'?

We have so many burning questions following the “Walking Dead” mid-season finale!

SPOILERS AHEAD! Stop reading if you haven’t watched the Season 5 episode “Coda."

On Sunday night fans said goodbye to Beth Greene and Grady Memorial Hospital where she had been held captive.

Afterward, Rick and his gang reunited with Maggie, Glenn, Abraham and the rest of the D.C. crew, but there are still so many unknowns!

Here are our questions for the Feb. 8, 2015 mid-season premiere:

Where will they go from here? The cat is out of the bag… Eugene doesn’t have the cure to the zombie apocalypse, so no one is going to D.C. To make matters worse, the church is no longer a safe place, thanks to Father Gabriel, leaving the gang homeless… again!

How will Maggie handle Beth’s death? Maggie never got to mourn her father’s murder at the hands of the Governor, because she was searching for Glenn the whole time. Now, her sister is also dead, leaving her as the sole survivor from the farm. In the comic books, Maggie tries to commit suicide, but she seems too strong to try that in the show.

 daryl-beth-walking-dead[Credit: AMC]

What about Daryl? Seeing Daryl carry Beth’s body out of the hospital was devastating. Can he bounce back after this? Is he strong enough? Luckily he has Carol to lean on.

How do Eugene, Father Gabriel and Noah fit in? Eugene has to be a bit of a pariah after lying about the cure, while Father Gabriel is still a burden, lacking some serious survival skills. Noah, on the other hand, is injured, but could prove to be an asset down the road… unless he tries to leave to find his family.

Did anyone from the hospital join the gang? In a move similar to Woodbury, Rick invited the hospital residents to join them. It doesn’t seem like anyone (besides Noah) took him up on the offer. We can’t imagine why.

Will Rick and Morgan reunite? Morgan seems to be on Rick’s trail, but what he’s up to is anybody’s guess. At the close of “Coda,” Morgan finds the church… and a map to D.C. with Rick’s name on it.
 morgan-walking-dead[Credit: AMC]