'The Originals': New Details About Rebekah and Hope's Return

Monday’s episode of “The Originals” will be a family reunion! Character Rebekah Mikaelson will return with Klaus and Hayley’s daughter, Hope. 

'The Originals': New Details About Rebekah and Hope's Return
CW was on the set of the hit CW show in Atlanta and got the scoop on what’s in store from executive producer Julie Plec and cast members Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin.

Julie offered a little backstory on what Rebekah has been up to since she left with Hope. “She has actually been great. She’s got the life she always wanted. Even though she’s not raising her own child, she’s raising family, and she’s getting to be a maternal figure. She’s getting to live the white picket fence existence.”

Plec continued, “We meet her and she’s in the park having a perfectly lovely day with Hope and then things take a turn when she realizes she may have been spotted. Then she has to reach out to her brothers, kind of dialing the bat line, the bat signal saying 'What do I do? I think Esther found me.'”

Morgan recalled how tense it was between Klaus and Rebekah before she left with the baby. Luckily he’s had a chance to simmer down. “[After] handing over the baby, I think there is more of an understanding between them,” he said. “Like anyone who has those huge flashes of anger he’s had some time to calm down now and catch his breath. He really does love his sister… their relationship is something I believe he needs in his life.”

Morgan added that Klaus and Hayley butt heads a little when it come to parenting, and Klaus is “still coming to grips with it… It is potentially the easiest it will ever be because she can’t speak yet, he just has to hold her. She is this beautiful delicate little thing that he has created and his world is blood and violence and all of that, so it is very new for him and it is a place that he doesn’t rest easy, but he wants it.”

Tonkin added that her reunion with Rebekah and Hope may not happen right away. “It is still a couple of episodes until Hayley is reunited with Hope,” she said. “Rebekah has been keeping Hope safe so far, but obviously this family is still under a lot of danger and there are a lot of enemies of the family. They are still looking at Rebekah and looking to take aim at the Mikaelsons, so the threat of being found out is obviously still present.”

She added, “I think Hayleys’ main intention throughout this second season is to create a safe enough environment for her baby to come back to live in New Orleans and to live happily ever after as a normal mom. Which is a really nice idea in theory but I don’t know how easy that is going to be.”

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