‘The Little Couple’ Stars Talk Health, Marriage and Raising Kids

“Extra’s” special correspondent Angie Martinez spoke with Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, stars of TLC’s “The Little Couple,” about the secret to their happy marriage, raising kids and Arnold’s recent battle with cancer.

Arnold said, “I’m essentially cancer-free… I’m actually finally starting to feel like myself again. I think fatigue is the hardest thing, but honestly a month ago I was ten times worst then I am now, so I know in another month, I’ll be even better than before.”
Arnold and Klein also explained how they stay happily married. Bill said, “It’s one part, humor, one part honesty.” Jen added, “Lots of love, respect for each other… We waited so long to find our soul mate. Once we found each other it’s like, okay, I’m never letting go.”

The couple talked about the challenges they face as parents to their toddlers Will, 3 and Zoey, 2.
Mom Jen smiled, “That balance between how much to discipline them so that they end up becoming good, well-behaved kids versus feeling like your stunting their wild and crazy individuality.”
Dad Bill added, “How much time can I spend with each kid individually versus being together versus ‘Oh, yeah, I have work to do and I would like to see my wife on occasion without poop on both of our hands.’”
Despite the ups and downs of parenting, the two said they are madly in love with both their children and that viewers can look forward to seeing them blossom on the show.
“The Little Couple” airs Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on TLC!