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George Clooney on Philip Seymour Hoffman: ‘It Just Breaks Your Heart’

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up George Clooney at the NYC premiere of “The Monuments Men,” and got his reaction to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. 

Clooney said, “Yeah, that's been a really difficult thing especially to be here in New York tonight. He was a friend of all of ours. We worked with him, really loved the guy, and it's almost impossible to talk about. The last time I saw him, he was fine, and it just breaks your heart.”
On a lighter note, Clooney had fun talking about directing himself in “Monuments Men.” The actor/director laughed, “George Clooney only likes to refer to himself in the third person… it's really easy to direct myself because I know exactly what I want.”
Calloway also showed Clooney his Vanity Fair 20th annual Hollywood issue cover, with other big names like Julia Roberts.
Clooney admitted he hadn’t seen it yet. “That’s really nice… look at Julia, she looks great. Everybody looks good.” George then cracked a joke when Calloway said how amazing Julia’s legs look. “I know, she did good… and she’s 72-years-old.”
“The Monuments Men” opens in theaters this Friday.