Brad Paisley on ‘Nashville’ Gig: ‘I Play Myself Unconvincingly’

“Extra’s” special correspondent Alicia Davis went behind the scenes with “Nashville” star Connie Britton and country music guest star Brad Paisley to get the dish on Wednesday’s season finale.

Brad joked, “I play myself, unconvincingly,” while Connie added that she was excited that her character, Rayna Jaymes, gets to sing with Brad. “I have the great fortune of being able to sing a duet with him, how exciting is that?”

Connie revealed she was nervous, but Brad said he was impressed by her and everyone on the show. Brad added, “I can’t do what they do, I can’t act like that.”

Brad was all for guest starring on “Nashville,” he even rehearsed lines with his wife, Kimberly Williams Paisley, who also has a role on the show. Brad did admit that the show is accurate in its portrayal of the drama in the country music biz, which sometimes makes it hard to watch.

“There are elements of it that make me uncomfortable because it’s accurate… it’s a little close to home.”

The season finale of ABC’s “Nashville” airs at 10 PM on Wednesday.