Gina Carano vs. Mario Lopez at The Grove

Mixed martial arts superstar-turned-actress Gina Carano arrived to The Grove and chatted with "Extra's" Mario Lopez.

Lopez asked for a favor from the tough fighter, saying, "I want to be able to say I got submitted by Gina Carano, so can you get me in a cool submission hold?" Mario warned, "Don't choke me all the way!"


Carano kicks butt in her new role in "Haywire," playing a sexy black ops soldier seeking payback after a betrayal. Gina revealed how she got the gig, saying, "Steven Soderberg confronted me about doing the movie after I lost my last fight, and it was like, one door slammed, and another one opened."

Working with big-name Hollywood stars like Michael Douglas and Ewan McGregor, the 29-year-old explained, "It was a good tradeoff because I could be physical with them in the fights, and they could help me out with the acting."

"Haywire" charges into theaters Jan. 20.