At The Grove! Juliette Lewis Holds 'Firm'

Actress Juliette Lewis stopped by The Grove to chat with "Extra" host Mario Lopez about her new NBC series, "The Firm," based on the John Grisham book and hit Tom Cruise movie.

Lewis co-stars with Josh Lucas as Mitch McDeere, playing the part originated in the film by Holly Hunter. Lewis explained, "It picks up where the movie left off. They are all in witness protection for 10 years and then they get out."

Watch a clip!

"You can see I am a redhead, so I am sassy," laughed Juliette. "Allows me to do things that are more colorful."

Lewis also runs down the list of other great co-stars she has worked with in her long career, including Woody Allen ("Super down-to-earth and easy to talk to"); Johnny Depp ("Really inclusive, awesome good guy"); Robert De Niro ("He taught me about professionalism"); and Robert Downey Jr. ("Mad genius, he blew me away!")

Tune in to "The Firm" when it premieres Sunday on NBC!