Ryan Seacrest on 'Idol' and His Lifechangers Mission

"American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest talked with "Extra" at the launch of The Voice, an innovative program for seriously ill and injured children at Philadelphia Children's Hospital.

We chatted with Seacrest about his mission to help the kids, and his wish for Jennifer Lopez to return to "Idol." "I'm hoping she's coming back next season," he said. "We had remarkable chemistry with the group of judges. It would be my wish we get an announcement soon from Jennifer that she's coming back."

As for The Voice studio, Seacrest explained, "This is the second Voice studio we've set up. It's a radio television studio designed to broadcast in all the hospital rooms for the kids. They can come be hosts, do the interviews and meet the celebrities that come by."

Seacrest asked singer/actress Selena Gomez to join him at the Philadelphia launch. She played the guitar for the children and sang her song, "Who Says."

The morning radio show host said, "The idea was trying to figure out a way to lift spirits for sick kids. I thought, 'Let's put this in there and create and energy' and that's what we're doing."

He continued, "Hopefully this is a good diversion and distraction and gives them something to participate in and give them something to do."

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