Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks 'Governator' with 'Extra'

Actor-turned-politician-turned-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger made a surprise visit to The Grove and talked with "Extra" host Mario Lopez about his return to the entertainment business with his upcoming comic-book action project, "The Governator."

"The Governator" imagines the ex-Governor of California as a Batman-like crime fighter. "We will have the comic books come out at the end of this year in print and digital," explained Schwarzenegger. "Then there will be the TV series, 52 episodes. Then later on, there will be the 3D film, which will probably be in the spring of 2013.

Schwarzenegger continued, "There will be merchandising, and we will see those on the computer. There will be games and all those kinds of things."

The former action star was at The Grove having lunch with the shopping center's billionaire developer, Rick Caruso. Schwarzenegger said, "It really is kind of like a magnet that you're drawn here, to have lunch here, to have your meeting here, to go shopping here. It's really great to be here!"