Sugar Ray Leonard Cha-Chas to The Grove

Boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard is used to dancing in the ring, but as a contestant on this season's "Dancing with the Stars," the champ is prepping his fancy footwork for the ballroom floor. Sugar Ray and dancing partner Anna Trebunskaya stopped by The Grove to talk with Mario Lopez about this season.

"Dancing with the Stars" Season 12 Cast

Anna revealed Leonard is a wonderful student, saying, "He says, 'I don't understand that, explain it to me again.' I think that's a success factor to have good communication."

Mario asked the former welterweight how he feels about the flamboyant outfits sometimes worn on the show. Sugar Ray replied, "I like that, Mario. Back in the day, I used to design my own robes." Anna chimed in, "I think he's excited about the sequins!"

The pair will Fox Trot onto the stage for their debut performance on "DWTS," premiering March 21.