At The Grove: Jennifer Lopez's Biggest Fans Ask Away!

Lucky fans were given the opportunity to ask J.Lo some of their burning questions for the superstar at The Grove on Thursday. A fan, also with the moniker J.Lo, asked the megastar if she had any nicknames in high school. "I have a nickname now, 'Lola.' My husband calls me that when he's feeling nice towards me. In the second or third grade, I remember one kid called me 'Junkifer.' He was a mean kid."

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When another fan inquired, "Who is your role model?" the singer replied, "I would have to say my mom, to be really honest. I mean, my mom raised three kids on her own. And now I'm raising my own two kids... I realize how hard that is."

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A bold fan asked the "Idol" judge to critique his singing, and when he was finished he asked, "Where's Benny at?" in reference to J.Lo's manager, Benny Medina. Lopez responded, "He wants to get signed by my manager!"