Mickey Rourke Drops by The Grove

"Extra" welcomed Mickey Rourke to The Grove on Wednesday and caught up on his recent projects.

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Mickey revealed he will portray Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas in a biopic. Mickey told Mario, "[He is] the only professional athlete to come out of the closet and say 'I'm gay,' while he's still playing."

Rourke continued, "He was married six years and tried to push the gay thing away like it's not happening - it'll go away, it'll disappear, and finally said 'I am what I am'."

The busy actor is also a virtual tour guide in Las Vegas' Tropicana hotel attraction called, "Mob Experience," which gives a glimpse into the background and rise of the mob in Sin City. It features home movies and items from some of the most notable organized crime figures, including Bugsy Siegel's cars and Meyer Lansky's diary. As a tour guide, Mickey provides commentary along with fellow actors James Caan and Frank Vincent.

"Mob Experience" opened to the public March 1.