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An 'Extra' Oscar Moment with Jennifer Hudson

Singer and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson spoke to Mario Lopez on the red carpet during Sunday's show. Hudson wore an elegant, deep tangerine Versace gown that spoke to her immediately. "As soon as I walked in, I said, 'That's my dress.'"

2011 Oscar Red Carpet Arrivals!

Lopez asked if she would ever consider being a judge on "X Factor," to which the singer replied, "Oh my God... I don't know how the viewers would feel about a one-time contestant being a judge. We'll have to wait and see what happens with that."

Hudson beamed when she spoke about her son, David, who came with her to the rehearsal and became friends with Sandra Bullock. "She was like, 'Oh my God he's kissing me!' He loves to give kisses -- he's super affectionate."