'Idol's' Chris Medina 'Surprised' by Jennifer Lopez's Reaction

Chris Medina joined Mario Lopez at The Grove on Thursday to talk about his elimination on Wednesday's "American Idol," and Jennifer Lopez's emotional reaction.

Chris professed to Mario he didn't know about her tearful send-off until after he watched the episode himself! "I was absolutely surprised. When you're in front of her you can tell she's nervous or just doesn't want to break the news to me. But I had no idea she broke down until actually seeing it myself," Medina revealed.

The ladies of "The View" said J.Lo should put Medina on one of her records, and when asked what he thought of that, the singer happily responded, "I would be honored and shocked, but honored. Yeah, absolutely."

If Chris could speak to Jennifer he would tell her, "Don't worry about it. It's okay. Let me give you an air hug."

Fans across America will be given the opportunity to show their support for Chris Medina. An original song based on his emotional story, "What Are Words" -- written and produced by acclaimed songwriter-producer Rodney Jerkins -- debuts Thursday and is available digitally immediately after "American Idol." The video will premiere Friday at 2:00 PM on