Bristol Palin on 'DWTS': Being a Working Teen Mom is 'Exhausting'

Political offspring and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Bristol Palin has been spending hours in the dance studio with partner Mark Ballas, and she told "Extra's" Terri Seymour it hasn't been easy.

While rehearsing for Monday night's performance, the teen mom said balancing the show and son Tripp, almost 2 years old, can be draining. "Mentally it's exhausting. Physically it's exhausting," she told Terri, adding, "But I'm making it work."

This week, Bristol and Mark are heating up the dance floor with a spicy Rumba, in which the tundra native will show audiences a sexier side.

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"It's very sexy," Bristol said of their dance, revealing that she's not used to wearing what she'll be dressed in tonight.

Bristol confirmed rumors that her father was originally asked to do "DWTS," but declined because he's "too busy." "I'd be hilarious to see them dance," she said of either of her parents participating in the show.

Catch the dancing action tonight on ABC!