Donald Trump: 'I Can Dance Better Than Most 'DWTS' Contestants'

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump has thought about strutting his stuff on "Dancing with the Stars."

"Extra's" AJ Calloway caught up with Trump in NYC, and found out that The Donald may have some hidden dance moves.

"I'm not a bad dancer," said "The Apprentice" star. "Many people want me to do 'Dancing with the Stars'... I can dance a lot better than most of them, I'll tell you that. I watch some of them and they're terrible."

Don't expect his appearance too soon; Trump told AJ he doesn't plan on showing off his skills on the hit ABC show anytime soon. "No, I'm doing 'The Apprentice,'" he said.

Getting Donald's opinion on some of today's hot topics, AJ asked him what he thought about Lindsay Lohan.

"Hopefully, she can get off this horrible addiction," Trump said. "I tell this to people all the time... No drinking, no cigarettes, no drugs. If you never start, you never have a problem. It's real easy... but boy, she started and it's tough to get out."