Jake and Vienna: Small World of Romance

Say it isn't so! The "Bachelor's" Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi have taken the unfortunate road to Splitsville, but just two weeks ago they were all smiles at Disneyland while talking with "Extra."

The couple attended the "Disney World of Color" event at the Anaheim theme park on June 10, where Jake said he was feeling "unbelievable."

Both Jake and Vienna seemed happy in the happiest place on earth while chatting with "Extra," and even said how good the tabloids have been to them. "The tabloids have been good to us lately... The last two articles, it's been like, 'the couple is in Hawaii and being bootylicious'," chirped Vienna. "I never thought of myself as that, but apparently the tabloids do."

Check out Jake and Vienna just two short weeks ago, before Cupid ran out of reality romance arrows.