'Housewives' Offended by Bullying PSA

The NYC "Real Housewives" are a little ticked at fellow cast mate Kelly Killoren Bensimon for putting out a PSA on bullying, which is, in a way, aimed at them.

"First of all, I think we all went out of our way to say come play with us, let's have a good time," Alex McCord told "Extra's" A.J. Calloway. "We got upset by some of the things she was saying because she was attacking us. Personally I'm kind of offended by the whole bully PSA thing -- bulling is real, its not a joke. There are kids in high school and middle school who get bullied, and it sometimes it leads them to the very end of their lives -- which is awful. What Kelly experienced in St. Johns was not bullying."

Sonja Morgan added, "I went down there with the whole motive of being there for Kelly, and I told her 'if people were going to pick on you I'm gonna be there for you.' She has told me she was picked on, but I didn't see the bullying. I was there and I was neutral. I had no bone to pick. I just think that Kelly is very sensitive, and she's on the defense. She's sort of like that dog that's going to bark louder to you before you bark."

LuAnn de Lesseps came to Bensimon's defense... a little. "I think what people don't see on the series is that she did have some issues going on a home -- personal problems and I think that had a big play in what happened."

"We all had issues at home," Morgan jumped in. "We all had given up the 5 days to go down there and leave our families. We're all women; we're all PMSing, hormonal -- postpartum or whatever. We all had babysitter issues or a child home who was sick. That's no excuse. There was no bulling. We all wanted to have a good time, and we went out of our way."

The season finale airs tonight on Bravo.