Drama Already Shaking Up 'Bachelorette' House

The show hasn't even aired yet, but ABC's new "Bachelorette," Ali Fedotowsky, has reportedly already been blindsided by one of the guys!

Remarking on last year's "Bachelor" scandal with Rozlyn Papa, Ali recently told "Extra" in an exclusive interview, "I've been thinking are there gonna be any scandals on my season? Who's going to cause them? What's it going to be?"

The new season of "The Bachelorette" apparently brings one of the biggest scandals the show has ever seen.

Canadian wrestler Justin Rego, who goes by his wrestling name "Rated R," reportedly went on the show to further his career, and his girlfriend supported his decision -- at first. She later called Ali on the show to let her know Justin had a girlfriend.

Before news of the scandal broke, Ali told "Extra," "I really believe in this group of 25 guys. I think my husband's among them and I'm really excited... I really believe I can find love here."

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Ali went on to say, "This is scary and I'm really worried that I could get my heart broken... there's already a few boys I have a special eye on and I'm thinking what if they don't want me back... or what if they say they want me here, but when we go home, they don't?"

You can see how love develops (or not) starting May 24 on the "Bachelorette" season premiere.